Buki Nashi (no arms) Enemy ninjas have invaded your dojo.  Armed with three abilities daggers / dash / and stealth. Throw, slash, and hide through 10 waves, eliminating the threat to keep the dojo safe. Reuse your daggers by walking over them. Dash away or through your enemies and lastly hide in plain sight for a surprise attack.

Between waves sacrifice 1  level of your 4 abilities to gain 1 level in any of the other 3 remaining abilities.

Movement: WASD

Mouse 1 (left) : Dagger Throw

Mouse 2 (right): Dash/Dodge

Q/Space : Stealth 

/* Between waves you are presented with a skill tree, having to sacrifice a point in 1 of your 4 abilities for a new point in 1 of the other 3. We ended up only getting 3 abilities in so the far left corner column is free for tanking  x) */


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