Made for Ludum Dare 38.

Play as Saucy McMassive, just an ordinary planet looking for love! Battle planets in a bullet hell fashion to win your love back (Earth). Use your specialty Ground pound to pummel the other planets but watch out as you lose health too! Grab a few floating asteroids and chuck em at your enemies!

w = ascend in space

a = rotate clockwise

d = rotate counter clockwise

s = descend

s Hold = Ground Pound

left shift (while not holding any other keys) = slow down

left mouse click = throw asteroids

Known bugs:

Third and Final boss fights not in the game.

Death animation on Ice planet not in the game.

Switching directions sometimes too slow while holding A or D when making switch.

Cut scenes didn't make it into the game.

Asteroid bug where can only hold three at a time.

Fire planet not attacking fast enough.

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